We want to change the definition of independent reporting to a more practical reporting. We dont want to be confined in the studios & desk, we want to travel the world to know the ground breaking report & news. We know the task is big, challenges are many but opportunities are also path-breaking. We dont believe in words & mere statements, we would rather spend a day with you to know the body language & report as we feel – Satya Brahma

As with every year, there have been many trends which have come and gone, but one that’s stuck and is set to have a meteoric rise in 2017 is video content. People are consuming video at an unprecedented rate

Indian media is ready for a new generation of passionate entrepreneurs creating Independent unbiased content. We are excited with the tremendous opportunity that digital offers and are hoping to create innovative content platforms with strategic partners catering to a diverse audience set across niches. We believe the infotainment space will see a huge growth in the next few years and Network 7 Media Group shall be a key contributor.