Network 7 Media Group is Asia’s most watched news media where news are looked at with an independent frame of mind. Whether it is ruling dispensation or opposition, we dig out truth & report news that you want to know & not the drama or fiction that you watch at 70 MM theatre. At the heart of our news Desk, People & Readers are at the heart and soul of Independent Media,And yes we command respect due to its uncompromising approach to delivering fresh, original content to its audiences, with the aid of cutting edge journalism from India’s most talented & creative news reporters. We dont buckle under pressure, rather we perform better under tough situations where recommendations & favouritism are put into dustbins. we are flag bearers of new media’s independent face. Either you have to tell the truth or face the music. Yes we dont care for the consequences of the threats as long as we imbibe truth & sincerity in our story & reporting.

We have a wide portfolio of our media properties from healthcare to CSR & finance to aviation.

We live in a moment of great opportunity, and great risk. Transformation is through innovation &  Innovation is central to economic growth –The importance of innovation is core objective of our philosophy.